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Due to the continuous increasing number of fake user accounts and SPAM-ers registering on this website, the registration will be done only by sending your valid email address and desired Nickname to the website's Admin.

Over the past three months 21,948 fake profiles and 343,251 Spammers Accounts have been registered (and deleted at the same time) on our website, and this is the only way to stop them.

All you need to do, is to send a short message (like e.g. below) to: [ admin@adultdating3x.uk ] like in the example below:

"Hi, I want to register as member on adultdating3x.uk with the Nickname: xyzxyz. My email address is: xyzxyz@yahoo.com>"

Once your message has been sent to the Admin, you will receive the login credentials... if approved.>

Thank You !